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    Throwback: What Was Miss Universe Like 20 Years Ago in 1997?

    1997 doesn’t sound like it was that along ago, right? Well, it’s now been 20 years since 1997! Welcome to 2017.


    We dug deep into the Miss Universe archives to see what the competition was like 20 years ago. Check out some of the highlights below.

    The 1997 Miss Universe competition took place in Miami Beach, Florida.

    Miss Universe¨ Pageant

    Miss Universe Costa Rica 1997 Gabriela Aguilar, Miss Canada 1997 Carmen Kempt, Miss Mexio 1997 Rebeca Tamez, Miss USA 1997 Brook Lee and Miss Panama 1997 Lia Victoria Borrero were photographed enjoying time on the beach together.

    Miss Venezuela 1997 Marena Bencomo, Miss USA 1997 Brook Lee and Miss Trinidad and Tobago 1997 Margot Ria Bourgeois made the top three.


    Yes, George Hamilton and Marla Maples were also there. They hosted the competition.

    Miss USA 1997 Brooke Lee won Miss Universe.


    She became the seventh Miss USA to win Miss Universe.

    It’s safe to say she was surprised when her country name was called!

    Miss Universe¨ Pageant

    It appears she’s thinking something along the lines of, “OMG!!!”

    She posed for photos with the other top two contestants afterwards.


    Miss Venezuela 1997 Marena Bencomo was first runner-up and Miss Trinidad and Tobago 1997 Margot Ria Bourgeois was second runner-up.

    And here she is the day after her big win! 

    Miss Universe¨ Pageant

    This outfit definitely says, “It’s 1997.”

    How did 20 years fly by so quickly?!


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    Get That Winning Glow! 11 Face Mask Recipes to Try

    We asked Miss Universe contestants to tell us their best beauty secrets and many told us about their favorite face masks! Check out some of their favorite face mask recipes from around the world below.

    Contestants Visit Boracay + Benjamin Askinas

    Miss Universe Belize Rebecca Rath, Miss Universe Costa Rica Carolina Duran and Miss Universe Mexico Kristal Silva

    Miss Universe Bahamas Cherell Williamson: “Fresh mango exfoliating scrub – my personal island recipe made from scratch. P.S . It’s very tasty! A girl can get hungry whilst trying to be beautiful.”

    Miss Universe Bulgaria Violina Ancheva: “I use Bulgarian yogurt for a face mask. It is a very effective as a moisturizer.”

    Miss Universe Malaysia Kiranmeet Kaur Baljeet Singh: “I use yoghurt with infused lemon juice as a face mask for its brightening, rejuvenating and blemish-clearing properties.”

    Miss Universe South Africa Ntandoyenkosi Kunene: “Ubovu is a red clay native to our country, most common in cultural practices, which I apply to my face. It gives me my special glow.”

    Miss Universe Curacao Chanelle de Lau: “A natural aloe vera face mask to tighten your skin.”

    Miss Universe France Iris Mittenaere: “Secret recipe of beauty mask  with eggs and honey. 10 minutes on your face. This is a very old recipe from my grandma.”

    Miss Universe Panama Keity Drennan: “This may not sound so good, but a beauty secret that I have to keep the skin of my face soft and moisturized is to make a mask of honey and egg and this is great, because it leaves my skin like a baby.”

    Miss Universe India Roshmitha Harimurthy: “Gram flour with curd and turmeric face pack.”

    Miss Universe Perú Valeria Piazza: “I use a face mask that eliminates the black spots on my face. It is made up of parsley, lemon and sugar. This mixture helps exfoliate your skin, making it look bright and healthy.”

    Miss Universe Tanzania Jihan Dimachk: “Chickpea flour mixed with water or yoghurt – Mix it into a paste and place it along your T-Zone in order to shrink your pores and to extract oil and dirt.”

    Miss Universe Paraguay Andrea Melgarejo: “Exfoliate my skin with a mix of aloe vera and sugar.”

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    Beauty Secrets From Around the World

    We asked this year’s Miss Universe contestants, “What is your most uncommon beauty secret or tip?” Well, we got an incredible variety of answers!

    65th Miss Universe Competition - Photoshoot in Chinatown, Philippines

    Miss Universe Angola Luísa Baptista and Miss Universe Georgia Nuka Karalashvili

    However, some women gave us the same tips, meaning they’re definitely worth giving a shot! Check out beauty tips from across the globe below.

    Crazy for Coconut Oil

    Numerous contestants told us that using coconut oil is their best beauty secret!

    Miss Universe Belize Rebecca Rath: “In Belize, we use coconut oil and coconut water for everything. We are always hydrated and we have shiny hair and glowing skin. Add some coconut to your life.”

    Miss Universe Guyana Soyini Fraser: “Coconut oil is a great makeup remover and it’s great for your skin, too!”

    Miss Universe Brazil Raissa Santana: “Coconut oil for your hair and skin.”

    Miss Universe Iceland Hildur Leifsdóttir: “Mixing dark brown sugar with coconut oil and applying to my lips with a toothbrush!”

    Miss Universe Argentina Estefania Bernal: “Coconut oil for the face.”

    Miss Universe Norway Christina Waage: “Coconut oil! It’s good for skin care, hair care, cooking, improving digestion, and immunity. Love it!”

    Miss Universe Russia Yuliana Korolkova: “Coconut oil is my beauty must-have. It can be helpful in any situation. You can moisturize lips and skin, restore the structure of hair and even brush teeth with it.”

    Miss Universe Vietnam Le Hang: “Use coconut oil as a replacement for cosmetic products.”

    65th Miss Universe Competition - Photoshoot in Chinatown, Philippines

    Miss Universe Guam Muneka Joy Cruz Taisipic and Miss Universe Denmark Christina Mikkelsen

    Other Oils

    Miss Universe Costa Rica Carolina Rodriguez Duran: “My most uncommon beauty secret is pure Rosehip oil.”

    Miss Universe Singapore Cheryl Chou: “Being a beauty enthusiast, I am always on the lookout for tips and tricks on how to take care of my skin. One tip that I swear by is to pat a light layer of Bio Oil over my face and neck as the last step of my skincare regimen. As the oil is known for its healing properties, it helps to combat any pigmentation that I get from breakouts. The oil also gives me a nice and healthy glow by hydrating my skin as well!”

    Miss Universe Kosovo Camila Barraza: “I apply Argan oil on my face and hair before I sleep.”

    Miss Universe Malta Martha Fenech: “Olive oil!! The benefits of olive oil are endless but my favourite one is adding a few drops of olive oil to my bath which leaves my skin feeling very soft, smooth and looking healthy!”

    Miss Universe Belgium Stephanie Geldhof: “Tea tree oil. It’s the best for healing scars and wounds!”

    It’s What You Put Inside Your Body That Counts 

    Miss Universe Austria Dajana Dzinic: “Matcha Green Tea as a morning starter.”

    Miss Universe Chile Catalina Cáceres: “Drinking a lot of water.”

    Miss Universe Jamaica Isabel Dalley: “Beauty is from within and your diet is very important. Growing up I have always enjoyed eating raw vegetables such as tomatoes an carrots.  I  always enjoy eating vegetables instead of chips and that has help to keep me healthy and give my skin that natural glow.”

    Miss Universe Denmark Christina Mikkelsen: “A good night sleep, and lots of water. This will not only make your skin better, it will make your whole day better.”

    Miss Universe Mexico Kristal Silva: “Drinking enough water and remove makeup before bed, because it helps you protect your skin.”

    Miss Universe Sweden Ida Ovmar: “I believe in the basics. Go for a healthy lifestyle in general. Be active, eat clean and sleep well!”

    Miss USA Deshauna Barber: “I drink over two liters of water a day.  I believe that is the best way to have healthy skin and a healthy body.

    65th Miss Universe Competition - Photoshoot in Chinatown, Philippines

    Miss Universe Angola Luísa Baptista, Miss Universe Georgia Nuka Karalashvili, Miss Universe Guam Muneka Joy Cruz Taisipic and Miss Universe Denmark Christina Mikkelsen

    Tips for Luscious Lashes 

    Miss Universe Ecuador Connie Jiménez: “I use a spoon instead of an eyelash curler. I had a Mexican friend in the university that taught me, give the spoon a quick blast of the blow dryer and enjoy a wide-eyed look.”

    Miss Universe Netherlands Zoey Ivory: “Heat your eyelash curler with your blow dryer or hot water. It feels nicer on your eyes and your eyelashes become curlier. And maybe it’s not an uncommon beauty tip, but I think the most important tip is: clean your skin every morning and evening.”

    More Beauty Secrets

    Miss Universe Angola Luísa Baptista: “Frozen towels on the face to remove dark circles and honey with sugar to exfoliate the skin.”

    Miss Universe British V.I. Erika Creque: “My most uncommon beauty tip would be early in the morning making sure the bathroom window and door is closed and taking a nice hot steamy shower. This opens my pored and makes me feel cleansed and lighter. After bathing I then turn the water back to cool so I can close my pores and keep out any dirt and proceed with my day lighter and more relaxed.”

    Miss Universe Cayman Islands Monyque Brooks: “I use milk of magnesia to help control oil!”

    Miss Universe Dominican Republic Rosalba Abreu: “Since I was 10 years old I take mineral mud baths in a hot-spring located next to a river that is part of my father’s property in rural Maimón. It is my own secret beauty spot.”

    Miss Universe Kenya Mary Were: “My secret nail beauty tip is to apply a mix of lemon juice, two table spoons of sugar and apply using a cotton wool to my nails. I then apply hydrogen peroxide to keep my nails glowing by day. By night, I apply a mix of one table spoon of olive oil and two table spoons of honey before bed. I apply with a brush before bed. This is meant to strengthen my nails. “

    Miss Universe Mauritius Kushboo Ramnawaj: “Using avocado and honey as a mixture to nourish my hair. I leave it for about an hour every weekend. Avocado is great to moisturize the hair whereas honey brings a nice scent to it.”

    Miss Universe Venezuela Mariam Habach: “I used avocado, olive oil and aloe vera in my hair.”

    Miss Universe Spain Noelia Freire: “Exfoliating my skin with sea salt.”

    Miss Universe Sri Lanka Jayathi De Silva: “Applying Baby Powder (talc) on the roots of the hair is an excellent alternative to dry shampoo as it gets rid of oil.”

    Miss Universe Uruguay Magdalena Cohendet: “To put honey on dry lips.”

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    What It Takes to Create the Perfect Miss Universe Hairstyle

    What goes into creating the perfect hairstyle for the Miss Universe competition? We spoke with Linda Rondinella, the Miss Universe hair and makeup coordinator. She’s worked with the Miss Universe competition for the past 20 years, creating fabulous look that help contestants shine brightly during their moments in the spotlight.

    Miss Universe 2015

    We talked to Linda about how she works with the contestants to figure out which hairstyles they should wear for each phase of competition. She told us creating the perfect look is a collaborative process between the contestants, their directors and the professional stylists at the competition.

    “The contestants have won their country and they’ve had time to prepare, and their directors and their friends and people at home have told them how they think they should wear there hair,” Linda said. “They come here and with all our professional stylists, we decide what’s best for them and what their hair will do.”

    Contestants definitely don’t want their hair to fall flat throughout the various events they’re attending. Linda also told us her secret to a long-lasting hairstyle.

    “When you curl it, I spray the hair before and then usually pin it up and let it cool down, and then let it down,” Linda said. “That usually makes it so the hairstyle will last.”

    Miss Universe 2015

    So what are the three products that ensure a long-lasting, fabulous hairdo at Miss Universe? Linda says, “Hairspray, hairspray, hairspray!”

    She revealed she relies on two different kinds of hairspray: a working hairspray that she uses while styling the hair and a hard hold spray to keep the look in place. Finally, she finishes off the look with a shine spray to add extra shine.

    While Linda loves styling hair, she said her favorite part about working with the Miss Universe competition is getting to know women from all around the world.

    “The best part about my job at Miss Universe is meeting girls from every country. They all have such great hearts,” Linda said. “It’s always been such a pleasure.”

    She also revealed that the hair and makeup chair is one of the places where the women feel most comfortable and candid during the competition.

    “When they’re sitting down and they’re looking in the mirror and you’re playing with their hair, they’re really relaxed. Nobody’s pulling them in any direction, ” Linda said. “They become a little pensive and tell you their life stories.”

    Miss Universe 2015

    Linda also told us that there’s a difference between how they do the ladies’ hair for various events during Miss Universe and the final televised competition.

    “There’s actually a big difference between when the girls are going out for just events and when they’re going to be on-camera. With HD, you need to put a little more warmth into their foundation,” Linda said.

    “So, we make sure that we do that and also that there aren’t any flyaways with the hair.”

    However, the job does come with it’s challenges. Linda revealed that even Miss Universe contestants struggle with feeling confident all the time, just like most of us! It’s her job to help build them up if they’re starting to feel down or nervous.

    “The most challenging part is sometimes the girls come and they look around at the other girls and they get a little self-conscious,” Linda said. “My most challenging job is to make them feel good.”

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    How to Pack for the Miss Universe Competition

    How does one even begin to pack for the Miss Universe competition? We have five tips to help you make it to the Philippines with everything you might need!

    Contestants Visit Boracay + Benjamin Askinas

    1. There’s no such thing as too many suitcases

    Miss Universe 2017 - Contestants At The Conrad Hotel In Manila

    Miss Universe Thailand Chalita Suansane

    Miss Universe Thailand Chalita Suansane told us she brought eight suitcases to the Philippines for this Miss Universe competition and she definitely’s not the only one. Miss Universe Cayman Islands Monyque Brooks also told us she brought seven bags. You can never be over prepared!

    2. Pack a suitcase just for shoes


    Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

    You’re probably bringing a lot of shoes to the Miss Universe competition. As Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach says, bring a suitcase just for your shoes!

    3. Don’t forget your National Costume 


    Miss Universe Malaysia Kiranmeet Kaur Baljeet Singh

    You can pack your National Costume or ship it! Miss Universe Malaysia Kiranmeet Kaur Baljeet Singh told us she used one and half suitcases to pack her National Costume. However, Miss Universe Barbados Shannon Harris said she shipped part of her National Costume to the Philippines, because it was too big to take on the plane.

    4. Be sure to pack for the weather 


    Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs

    Be prepared for both rain and shine during a trip the Philippines. Also, it is currently quite warm in the country! Expect high temperatures of around 85°F/29°C for the rest of January.

    5. Bring something that reminds you of home

    Miss Universe 2017 - Contestants At The Conrad Hotel In Manila

    Miss Universe Iceland Hildur Maria Leifsdóttir and Miss Universe Great Britain Jaime-Lee Faulkner

    For example: your country’s flag! Hang it in your room at Miss Universe with pride.