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Rachel Baiocco


Hometown: Bear

Height: 5’ 6”

Age: 24


Rachel Baiocco, 22, was born and raised in Bear, Delaware. She has two triplet sisters and an older brother. Years of modeling experience have helped Rachel with her stage presence. She feels right at home when in front of the camera. As an aspiring Actor, Rachel loves being in front of the camera. She is currently studying her craft at Playhouse West in Philadelphia, PA.

When Rachel is not busy with work, school, or modeling, she loves shopping with her sisters, hanging out with friends, or watching baseball & hockey.

In her own words

Quate I have learned a lot about life through other people. People make mistakes, myself included, but it's all a part of the human experience. You can learn and grow from any situation. Quate

fun facts

  1. 1

    Rachel dreams of becoming a successful actor and currently attends the acting school, Playhouse West, to pursue her goal.

  2. 2

    Rachel has three siblings and is the youngest of triplet sisters.

  3. 3

    On a trip to the Dominican Republic with friends, Rachel snorkeled with sharks.