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    What Does It Mean to Be “Confidently Beautiful?”

    The Miss Universe competition’s motto is “Confidently Beautiful.” We asked this year’s contestants, “What quality do you find that makes a woman ‘confidently beautiful?'”

    Miss Universe 2015

    Many contestants said that being “confidently beautiful” is all about truly loving yourself. Check out some of their answers below to find out what being “confidently beautiful” means to them and let their words inspire you to be your best, “confidently beautiful” self in 2017.

    Miss Universe Canada 2016 Siera Bearchell: “A woman is confidently beautiful when she is confident with who she is and is unapologetically herself.  People are attracted to the energy of a confident person. A confidently beautiful woman is someone who follows their passions and dreams with enthusiasm despite challenges and obstacles.  The most beautiful thing we can wear is confidence.”

    Miss Universe 2016 British V.I. Erika Creque: “Being strong, confident, driven, independent and knowing that she is comfortable in her own skin is what makes a woman ‘confidently beautiful.’ It is about knowing and accepting who she is as a person. It is about knowing your limitations and focussing on your strong points. Being confidently beautiful is about loving yourself one hundred percent.”

    Miss Universe Curacao 2016 Chanelle de Lau: “The inner peace and acceptance of who you are as a woman, despite society’s ever changing ideologies of what beauty is all about.”

    Miss Croatia Universe 2016 Barbara Filipovic: “Confidently beautiful women knows her qualities and doesn’t let anyone put her down, but also doesn’t put anyone down.”

    Miss Universe Barbados 2016 Shannon Harris:  There are a lot of qualities that make someone confidently beautiful, but to me the most important is the ability to have a voice and use it for those who are voiceless. To be able to speak on issues that matter to you and to give a voice and face to help those who can not yet speak for themselves is truly confidently beautiful. By speaking on issues, you encourage others to find the strength in themselves to do the same.

    Miss Universe Singapore 2016 Cheryl Chou: “One quality that makes a woman ‘confidently beautiful’ is when she has a positive outlook on life. Her attitude towards any situation or person around her reflects her personality and charisma. Being positive is an important characteristic to have, because it shows her strength and confidence towards any challenges that she might face in her life, and that she never lets anything put her down.”

    Miss Aruba Universe 2016 Charlene Leslie: “A woman with persistence and  determination and passion. She knows exactly what she wants to achieve in life. Is aware of all the obstacles that she may encounter and still does not hold back. Is fierce and loves herself just as she is. Has a clear vision of the future taking good advantage of present day opportunities. A confidently beautiful woman that is mentally prepared to confront any challenge before her, because she is confident that her hard work will take her along the road of self-realization and self-achievement.”

    Miss Universe Belize 2016 Rebecca Rath: “I think what makes a woman confidently beautiful is being comfortable with who you are and what you believe in. Confidently beautiful means being genuine and respecting others; being able to make an impact on those around you based on your values and actions and not solely on your appearance.”

    Miss Universe Argentina 2016 Estefania Bernal: “Intelligence, culture and to have confidence in oneself.”

    Miss Universe Bahamas 2016 Cherell Williamson: “A woman’s soul, essence, and inner being – that unique combination of those personal inner traits which make her happy, whole, relatable, and engaged to every person and experience she encounters everyday and empowers them to be better – makes her confidently beautiful.”

    Miss Universe Denmark 2016 Christina Mikkelsen: “The ability of compassion. Being able to lift others and look over your own needs. Being beautiful can be defined in many different ways, and people will never agree. But one thing I’m sure we all can agree on, being confidential beautiful, means to be beautiful from the inside and out.”

    Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2016 Rosalba “Sal Garcia Abreu: “A woman who simply believes in herself.”

    Miss Universe France 2016 Iris Mittenaere: “Being confidently beautiful is not only a question of appearance. Beauty shines from the inside out. Be kind-hearted, believe in moral values, have confidence in myself, but also admit my flaws, that is the way to work on myself and become confidently beautiful.”

    Miss Universe Venezuela 2016 Mariam Habach: “I think drive. For example, I don’t stop until I reach the goal.”

    Miss Universe Germany 2016 Johanna Acs: “In my opinion, inner values reflect beauty to the outside. I always found that if someone is beautiful from the inside, it makes that person automatically beautiful from the outside as well! Another quality that represents a confidently beautiful woman is intelligence.”

    Miss Universe Norway 2016 Christina Waage: “I believe ‘confidently beautiful’ is a woman who can walk into a room and have no need to compare herself to anyone, or to think that she is better. She have the passion and ability to inspire, as well a clear set of good values, selflessness and acceptance of others.”

    Mis Universe Guam 2016 Muneka Joy Cruz Taisipic: “A quality that I find that makes a woman “confidently beautiful” would be how she represents her culture in her everyday life.”

    Miss Universe Kenya 2016 Mary Esther Were: “Being naturally yourself. Because to be ‘confidently beautiful’ is not something you try to be, it is something that happens naturally when you are comfortable just being yourself.”

    Miss Universe Guyana 2016 Soyini Fraser: “A woman who knows who she is, what she wants in life and has a plan on how she intends to achieve those goals, yet still finds time to help others find themselves and achieve their goals is confidently beautiful in my opinion.”

    Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber: “The quality that I believe make women ‘confidently beautiful’ would be ambitious.  I believe ambition requires someone to believe in themselves and their ability to accomplish their goals which in turn is living and being ‘confidently beautiful.'”

    Miss Universe Haiti 2016 Raquel Pelissier: “A woman who is ‘confidently beautiful’ embraces her beauty inside and out, her flaws and her roots. She is self-aware. She knows herself and her worth.”

    Miss Universe India 2016 Roshmitha Harimurthy: To me a beautiful confident woman is the one who feels confident from within and who is at ease with herself. A woman who is comfortable with her own skin, who has respect and compassion for others and who truly believes in herself.

    Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 Kiranmeet Kaur Baljeet Singh: “I am convinced that humility is the greatest asset that makes a woman confidently beautiful. Her confidence and beauty is amplified by her kind heart, generosity, and acceptance towards the imperfections that lie within her.  It’s how she sees the world and appreciates humanity, and she strives to radiate this beauty to those around her. She is constantly challenging herself, she never stops learning because she is convicted that knowledge is beauty in its own. A beautiful, confident woman, is humble.”

    Miss Universe Panama 2016 Keity Drennan: “A self-confident woman with values, who respects herself and fights for her ideals.”

    Miss Universe Perú 2016 Valeria Piazza: “The ability to be humble. Being strong to shine with your own light without taking anyone else’s, admitting you will always be able to learn from everyone around you and always working on being a better version of yourself. Having the perfect balance between modesty and confidence to live your life and reach your goals.”

    Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina: “A woman’s passion to pursue her dreams despite all odds makes her confidently beautiful.”

    Miss Universe Sierra Leone 2016 Hawa Kamara: “A women that is comfortable in her skin, a woman proud of who she is and her background. Being confidently beautiful, allowing the world to see you for who you are.”

    Miss Universe South Africa 2016 Ntandoyenkosi Kunene: “That she is comfortable within her own skin.”

    Miss Universe Thailand 2016 Chalita Suansane: “I believe that true beauty comes from inside. Fulfilling your own passion, having a kind heart and self-respect, and be compassionate to other living things will make you unique and beautiful in your own way. From this you can confidently see the good in yourself and feel beautiful in your own way.”

    Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2016 Carolyn Carter: “‘Confidently Beautiful’ describes a woman who follows her heart and believes in herself. She is comfortable in her own skin pursuing her own path. She is not only physically beautiful, but hard working, kind, dedicated, confident, and elegant. “Confidently Beautiful” manifests itself in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. It is the power of a woman who knows who she is, and by being herself, she inspires and empowers everyone around her to do the same.”

    Miss Universe Vietnam 2o16 Le Hang: “In my opinion, ‘confidently beautiful’ starts with loving yourself, and other people and compassion to life. When you realize the value of yourself, confident and beauty will shine from within.”


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    7 Style Tips Straight from Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach’s Closet

    Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach has had an amazing, as well as stylish, year. Want proof? Just look at her Instagram!

    We scoured Pia’s Instagram account in search of the best fashion advice. Check out seven style tips inspired by some of Pia’s most fabulous outfits.

    1. Velvet is definitely in

    Instagram Photo

    “Be sure to have at least one velvet piece in your closet this season; in my case I’m pairing a velvet Chinese Laundry heel with this floral dress,” Pia wrote on Instagram.

    2. Don’t shy way from bold colors

    Instagram Photo

    Pia stunned during a trip to Las Vegas in this lime green frock.

    3. Skip the dress; rock a jumpsuit

    Instagram Photo

    You don’t need to wear a dress to look dressed up! Pia looked flawless in this dark red jumpsuit during a trip to Peru.

    4. You can’t go wrong with a red shoe

    Instagram Photo

    “Remember when I mentioned that a bold red shoe was a good statement piece for any outfit? Well, here we go again,” Pia wrote on Instagram. We definitely agree!

    5. Or match your shoes to your outfit!

    Instagram Photo

    Add a pop of color with a bold shoe, or match your shoes to your ensemble! Pia paired these blue strappy heels with a gorgeous blue dress.

    6. Florals are always a fun choice

    Instagram Photo

    Pia stunned in numerous floral looks this year. We specially love this pink and black floral dress she wore during a trip to her home country, Philippines.

    7. Make the world your runway!

    Instagram Photo

    No matter what you choose to wear, always rock it was confidence!


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    Healthy Dishes MISS UNIVERSE® Contestants Say You Have to Try

    Now that the holidays are over, you may have resolved to eat healthier in 2017. Need some inspiration for healthy dishes to try in the new year? We’re here to help!

    Miss Universe 2015

    We asked this year’s Miss Universe contestants about their favorite healthy dishes from around the world. Check out their favorite delicious, healthy meals below.

    You Can’t Go Wrong With a Good Salad!

    Miss Universe Albania 2016 Lindita Idrizi told us, “Is it green? It’s healthy.” Numerous Miss Universe contestants told us their favorite healthy dish is a salad. Check out some of their favorite kinds!

    Miss Universe Panama 2016 Keity Drennan: “I love salads my favorite one is arugula with strawberry, almonds, parmesan cheese with lemon olive oil and apple vinegar”

    Miss Universe Austria 2016 Dajana Dzinic: “Avocado-papaya salad with chia seeds.”

    Miss Universe Jamaica 2016 Isabel Dalley: “Jerk Hip Strip Salad. This is a garden salad consisting of lettuce, tomatoes [and] carrots, topped with a breast of Jerked chicken. Simply delicious and balanced!”

    Miss Universe Argentina 2016 Estefania Bernal: “Fish whit salad.”

    Miss Universe South Africa 2016 Ntandoyenkosi Kunene: “Biltong and avocado salad.”

    Miss Universe Great Britain 2016 Jaime-Lee Faulkner: “A superfood salad.”

    Miss Universe India 2016 Roshmitha Harimurthy: “Chicken Caesar Salad.”

    Miss Universe Indonesia 2016 Kezia Warouw: “Gado-gado (Indonesian Salad). It is both tasty and healthy.”

    Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2016 Jayathi De Silva: “Grilled Chicken Salad.”

    Grilled Chicken and Vegetables

    Another popular dish numerous Miss Universe contestants love to eat? Grilled chicken and vegetables! Miss Universe Croatia 2016 Barbara Filipovic, Miss Universe Mexico 2016 Kristal Silva, Miss Universe Bolivia 2016 Antonella Moscatelli Saucedo, Miss Universe Finland 2016 Shirly Karvinen all agree that chicken and vegetables is a tasty, healthy dish! Check out some of the ways Miss Universe contestants like to prepare their chicken and vegetables below.

    Miss Universe Guam 2016 Muneka Joy Cruz Taisipic: “My favorite healthy dishy would be a serving of chicken breast, brown rice and egg whites all mixed together like fried rice.”

    Miss Universe Sweden 2016 Ida Ovmar: “Chicken and a salad with avocado, spinach and tomatoes.”

    Miss Universe Thailand 2016 Chalita Suansane: “Grilled chicken breast and steamed vegetables.”

    Miss Universe Iceland 2016 Hildur Maria: “Chicken with sweet potato and vegetables.”

    Miss Universe Aruba 2016 Charlene Leslie: “Not only is my mom’s oven baked chicken my favorite dish, it is also healthy!”

    Lots of Veggies!

    You also can’t go wrong with vegetables! Here are some of this year’s contestants favorite veggies and vegetable dishes.

    Miss Universe Georgia 2016 Nuka Karalashvili: “I love grilled vegetables, especially the combination of well-known, local ones and foreign, exotic types. It feels as if these new tastes take you to other places all over the world and a simple meal turns into a real feast.”

    Miss Universe Canada 2016 Siera Bearchell: “Cauliflower Buffalo ‘Wings’ with a plant based home-made Ranch Dip.”

    Miss Universe Curacao 2016 Chanelle de Lau: “Cauliflower fried rice or zucchini pasta with pesto!”

    Miss Universe Bahamas 2016 Cherell Williamson: “Brocolli – steamed, boiled, or in a low-calorie quiche!”

    Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber: “Grilled Asparagus.”

    Miss Universe Perú 2016 Valeria Piazza: “My favorite healthy dish is a veggie omelet. I discovered it one day when I was hungry and decided to use all the vegetable I had left in my fridge.”.

    Vegetarian Options

    From vegetables to vegetarian dishes, here are some of this year’s contestants’ favorite vegetarian recipes from around the world.

    Miss Universe Singapore 2016 Cheryl Chou: “I love whipping up a big pot of vegan stew because there is nothing like comfort food than stew. I add in onions, corn, zucchini, lentils, chickpeas, carrots, tomatoes, and mushrooms and let it cook in a crockpot for a couple of hours. It goes so well with couscous or rice, and I used to make it while I was living in Shanghai because it was the perfect dish to warm you up during the wintertime.”

    Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2016 Carolyn Carter: “Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I love organic oatmeal! I add fun toppings like organic coconut yogurt, flax oil, raw almonds, and pineapple.”

    Miss Universe Myanmar 2016 Htet Htet Htun: “As I am a vegetarian, most of what I eat can be considered healthy. However, to point out my favorite dish, it would be stuffed fried tofu. Inside this stuffed tofu. there is cabbage, squeezed lemon, chili, and salt, topped off with a small touch of lemon leaves. Because I prefer sour and spicy flavors, I really enjoy eating this dish.”

    Miss Universe Germany 2016 Johanna Acs: “My favorite healthy dish is definitely avocado. I love to mix avocado with everything – salads, wraps, breads, smoothies etc. It’s filling, very healthy and tastes so delicious!”

    Miss Universe Belize 2016 Rebecca Rath: “Peanut Butter and banana on wheat toast! It is loaded with omegas, fiber and protein and potassium and is quick and easy to prepare”

    Miss Universe Uruguay 2016 Magdalena Cohendet: “Vegetable soup.”


    Quinoa is another healthy dish that some of this year’s contestants love! Miss Universe Ecuador 2016 Connie Jiménez, Miss Universe Guyana 2016 Soyini Fraser and Miss Universe Haiti 2016 Raquel Pelissier all say they enjoy quinoa.


    Fish was another popular answer! Check out how some of this year’s contestants like to eat it.

    Miss Universe Costa Rica 2016 Carolina Rodriguez Duran: “Ceviche! This dish is made with raw fish which is cooked with citrus lime juice. Additional seasonings such as chopped onions, peppers, salt, and cilantro are also added. Ceviche can be accompanied/sided with avocado or chips if you desire.”

    Miss Universe Belgium 2016 Stephanie Geldhof: “Salmon with spinach and broccoli.”

    Miss Universe Cayman Islands 2016 Monyque Brooks: “I am a true island girl! I love to eat fresh fish with vegetables!”

    Miss Universe British V.I. 2016 Erika Creque: “My favorite healthy dish would be grilled salmon with red blissed potatoes and a fruit smoothie.”

    Miss Universe Norway 2016 Christina Waage: “Salmon with asparagus, lemon and avocado.”

    Miss Universe Slovak Republic 2016 Zuzana Kollarova: “Salmon salad and chia seeds.”

    Can’t Forget the Fresh Fruit!

    Can’t forget the fresh fruits! Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016 Brenda Azaria says she loves “all fruits!” See some of the other ways you can enjoy fruit in 2017.

    Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2016 Rosalba “Sal Garcia” Abreu: “Organically grown fruits and vegetables which are readably available in the Dominican Republic.”

    Miss Universe Venezuela 2016 Mariam Habach: “Fruits!! In Venezuela we found tropical fruits everywhere. I love tangerine, pineapple and bananas.”

    Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 Kiranmeet Kaur Baljeet Singh: “Greek yoghurt with fruits, nuts and muesli! It’s the perfect snack that keeps you chilled on a hot day while filling your hungry belly! It’s indeed a bowl of goodness.”

    Fresh Juice and Smoothies

    Miss Universe Brazil 2016 Raissa Santana and Miss Universe Kosovo 2016 Camila Barraza say they like green juice and green smoothies. Miss Universe Ukraine 2016 Alena Spodynyuk also says she enjoys fresh juices, while Miss Universe Slovenia 2016 Lucija Poto?nik favorite smoothie is a vegetable smoothie with coconut and dates.


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    MISS UNIVERSE® Contestants Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments

    We’ve all had our fair share of moments that made us say, “I hope nobody saw that…” No need to crawl in a hole and hide forever, even women competing for the title of Miss Universe get embarrassed sometimes!

    Miss Universe 2015

    We asked this year’s Miss Universe contestants from all across the globe to tell us about the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to them and they had some crazy stories to tell! From nationally televised mishaps to awkward times with classroom crushes, check out some of their most embarrassing moments below.

    Modeling Mishaps

    (It sounds like more models have trouble strutting in their shoes than we thought!)

    Miss Universe Bahamas 2016 Cherell Williamson: “It was my second fashion show (and a small paying gig). My shoes were much too big for me and started falling off midway during my catwalk on the runway. The audience shouted ‘take it off,’ so I did, and continued modeling a designer gown with oversized shoes in both hands.”

    Miss Universe Barbados 2016 Shannon Harris: “My most embarrassing moment was also my first official job as a model! I was 15 years old and I was cast in a show and in my first walk down the runway my shoe heel broke and I was left in one shoe and dragging the other behind.  So I decided to stop walking, take off both shoes, held them in my hand and continued down the runway! I laugh about it now – but I was so embarrassed at the time!”

    Miss Universe Great Britain 2016 Jaime-Lee Faulkner: “Hmmm… I sure there are a few but the only one that comes to mind at the moment would have to be when my foot came out of my shoe on the catwalk during a fashion show. I recovered it well I must add.”

    Miss Universe Panama 2016 Keity Drennan: “My most embarrassing moment was the day I modeled for the first time on a runway I had been wearing a typical Panamanian dress for the carnivals and from the beginning I felt something was wrong with the skirt but the designer said not everything is ok the skirt will stay and ready just when I go to the catwalk I take a few steps and puff my skirt falls luck I was so fast that I could hold it in time so did not fall that much but this is one of the embarrassing moments that I will not forget.”

    Awkward Times in School

    Miss Universe Belgium 2016 Stephanie Geldhof: “I once fell from a stage during a performance at school. There were almost 2000 children looking at me. I immediately stopped my performance and ran backstage. It was actually kind of funny when I saw the video but at that moment it felt like dying inside.”

    Miss Universe British V.I. 2016 Erika Renae Creque: “My most embarrassing moment was when I was in high school. We were in the middle of class change and everyone was rushing to get to their classes and someone bumped into me causing me to roll down the stairs. The entire crowd that was there laughed so I joined in and laughed to while my friends helped me up but I always thought it was embarrassing to fall in school.”

    Miss Universe Cayman Islands 2016 Monyque Brooks: “I farted in front of my entire university class! I was presenting my final project at Florida International University and dropped my pen. As I bent down to pick it up I farted and the class heard it!”

    Not So Casual Moments with Crushes

     Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber: “My most embarrassing moment was when I waitress-ed at a restaurant and did not realize my college crush was in the restaurant.  When I did finally discover he was in the restaurant I accidentally dropped a tray of food!”

    Miss Universe Belize 2016 Rebecca Rath: “When I was in the fifth grade, I had a huge crush on my classmate. One day after school a bunch of friends (including my crush) were hanging out trying to jump over the muddy drain. Being the tomboy that I was, I thought this would be the perfect time to show off, so I jumped and instead of jumping over the drain, I jumped straight into it! Everyone laughed so hard at me and I ran to the bathroom and cried until my mom came to get me. It was well worth the fall because I got the guy!”

    Miss Universe Nicaragua 2016 Marina Jacoby: “My most embarrassing moment was when I went to meet some of my boyfriend’s family at dinner at their house, and I was so nervous that my pressure went down.  I whispered to my boyfriend that I was not feeling well but he didn’t take it seriously, so I went to the bathroom to relax and maybe feel better but I didn’t. When I got back to the table I was so pale and more nervous because I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t want to tell them but if I didn’t I believed I was going to faint. So I decided to finally tell them how I was feeling, and they all took me to lie down in a room, but I was feeling so bad that they had to call my mother to pick me up.”

    Miss Universe Curacao 2016 Chanelle de Lau: “I was at primary school when we were playing dodge ball in recess. Being the tallest girl in school, I was quite shy and often teased for my height. So during this dodge ball match I tried my best to avoid getting hit by the ball. My (at the time) crush attempted to throw the ball on the other side of the field. But no thanks to my height, it smacked me in the face instead. I felt my nose bend and my face became bright red. I ran away in tears as the others kids laughed. I spent the rest of the day with my face hidden in my arms on the desk. Avoiding to be seen!”

    Miss Universe Guyana 2016 Soyini Fraser: “I’m kind of a foodie and one day I had this amazing plate of beef curry, dhal puri and a cup of dhal and I didn’t check my teeth before smiling at a guy I was smitten with. Big mistake! Turns out I had a piece of thyme on my teeth but he laughed and gently removed it for me.”

     Being Totally Embarrassed on National Television

     Miss Universe France 2016 Iris Mittenaere: “I participated to the first entertainment TV show in France: Ninja Warrior and I feel on my first obstacle. I slipped and fell in the cold water and was eliminated at the first round in front of all the French cameras.”

    Miss Universe Finland 2016 Shirly Karvinen: “My most embarrassing moment was during the Miss Finland beauty pageant live final. During my interview I froze. It was my very first live TV interview and it is the most watched TV show in Finland. I just remember standing on the stage and having no idea what to say next. After that I was mortified and thought my chances for the crown were gone. But on the next round I decided to get myself together and overcome my previous mishap. Which I did and went on to win the Miss Finland title.”

    Miss Universe Malta 2016 Martha Fenech: “While presenting a TV show on a local network I was asked to swim with Tuna fish. It was an amazing experience, however the sea was very rough and I get seasick very easily. I ended up throwing up (!!!!) in front of all the camera crew and several other people who were watching.”

    Did Everyone See That?!

    Miss US Virgin Islands 2016 Carolyn Carter: “I was casually crossing a street in St. Croix and did not notice, but a mother hen was also walking across with her baby chicks. She must have thought I was a threat because she ran after me flapping her wings. I was shocked. I screamed and ran down the road as quickly as possible until she had stopped chasing me. All of the sudden I look up, and there is a crowd of tourists hooting, howling, and clapping at the scene that had just played out. Needless to say, I curtsied, laughed, and continued on. But my cheeks were so red!”

    Miss Universe Bulgaria 2016 Violina Ancheva: “Some months ago I fell on my way to a stage where I supposed to make a presentation in front of 50 students from Sofia University. I felt really embarrassed but the students started clapping to cheer me. Even though my chicks ware red I really felt confused I had one of the best presentations on stage.”

    Miss Universe Germany 2016 Johanna Acs: “A really embarrassing and funny moment was when I tried parasailing for the first time in Bali. The instructor explained the proceedings so quickly that I couldn’t catch up and all of a sudden I found myself in the air without knowing how to get down later. When the instructor called me down I was lost and did not really know what to do. He was talking to me through a megaphone and the entire beach was watching me. Since I was hanging on the line it was not that dangerous, but I definitely was getting nervous. Being back on the ground I found myself blushing next to all the laughing people at the beach. Awkward.”

    Miss Universe Guam 2016 Muneka Joy Cruz Taisipic: “My most embarrassing moment would be in a softball game, where they pitched the ball to me and I hit it, and as I took my first two steps to run to first base, I tripped over my foot and fell face flat on the ground while everyone laughed at me.”

    Miss Universe Australia 2016 Caris Tiivel: “My most embarrassing moment was slipping over in a fancy department store in Sydney where the pianist in store came to a sudden halt to help me up but made everybody look in my direction. How embarrassing!”

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    How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals in 2017

    Need some motivation to keep your New Year’s Resolution to get in shape in 2017? You’re in luck!


    Miss Universe contestants from around the world shared their best fitness tips with us that you can use to inspire your fitness routines for 2017. Check out how their advice on how to get and stay in shape in the New Year below!

    Stay hydrated. 

    In my opinion, hydration is something that is often times overlooked. It is exceedingly important that one is getting sufficient water throughout the day and whilst exercising. When I’m dehydrated, I find that I cannot perform at my highest peak, I experience fatigue, dizziness and muscle cramps, especially at my calves,” said Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 Kiran Jassal. “I sometimes drink lemon infused water for a refreshing feel.”

    Miss Universe Chile 2016 Catalina Paz Cáceres, Miss Universe Netherlands 2016 Zoey Ivory, Miss Universe Nigeria 2016 Unoaku Anyadike, Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medinae, Miss Universe Spain 2016 Noelia Freire, Miss Universe Kenya 2016 Mary Esther Were and Miss Universe Barbados 2016 Shannon Harris all agree that drinking a lot of water, especially while working out, is a major key to staying in shape. Miss Universe Germany 2016 Johanna Acs even shared that she drinks around five liters of water a day.

    “Drink water in the morning before breakfast,” said Miss Universe Paraguay 2016 Andrea Melgarejo.

    Make a workout playlist!

    “Listen to upbeat songs when you workout,” said Miss Universe Singapore 2016 Cheryl Chou. “I find that I am more pumped up and energetic when I do.”

    Miss Universe Belize 2016 Rebecca Rath agrees, saying, “Have a workout playlist. Songs that are upbeat and make you want to dance. This allows you to get in a more intense workout.”

    “If you listen to the music that you like you will be motivated during all your training,” according to Miss Universe Venezuela 2016 Mariam Habach.

    Keep it fun!

    Miss Universe Canada 2016 Siera Bearchell believes you should, “Find what you love to do.  Fitness should not be a chore, but rather something we love to do that makes us feel good from the inside out.  A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.  Whether it’s yoga, running, or lifting weights (or all of the above), find what you enjoy.”

    Finding a fitness buddy is also a great way to keep your workouts fun and help you stay motivated!

    “Practice with someone you love and have fun with, it makes it easier to persist,” shared Miss Universe Israel 2016 Yam Kaspers Anshel.

    “Enjoy it! Make it a pleasure and something that you look forward to rather than a chore,” said Miss Universe Great Britain 2016 Jaime-Lee Faulkner. “I find that training with friends helps me as I look forward to socializing with them and we also motivate each other, too.”

    Stay consistent.

    “Consistency is key! For me, it is important to focus on maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle every day of the week. My goal is to cherish and love the body I am in, not shock it or starve it. I do not do well with crash diets and I truly believe that system is not a sustainable alternative for living a fit life. I focus on making healthy decisions a daily routine,” said Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2016 Carolyn Carter. “Portion control, selecting healthy options at every meal, and staying active throughout the day are a few ways that I try to stay consistently fit and health.”

    Miss Universe Albania 2016 Lindita Idrizi agreed that “consistency” is key to achieving your fitness goals. Miss Universe Belgium 2016 Stephanie Geldhof also said, “You need to keep going and never give up to get to your goal. That’s very important. You will not see results after one of two trainings. It’s a lot of effort and time, but it’s really worth it.”

    In addition to staying consistent in the gym, it’s also important to stick to a consistent diet in order to achieve your fitness goals.

    “Do not skip meals; eating less is not the way. When you skip a meal, your metabolism is slow, because without food your body will go into starvation mode, you can even get sick, you could run low on nutrients,” shared Miss Universe Ecuador Connie Jiménez. “Organize your meals; be responsible with your body.”

    Miss Universe Costa Rica 2016 Carolina Duran, Miss Universe Bolivia Antonella Moscatelli, and Miss Universe Guyana 2016 Soyini Fraser agree that it’s important to have a healthy, balanced diet.

    [It’s important to have] a balanced diet that entails the consumption of raw vegetables, avoiding sweets and sugar and drinking a lots water and avoiding sodas, and of course being consistent in the gym,” said Miss Universe Jamaica 2016 Isabel Dalley.

    Try a new workout!

    “I try to add new things in my workouts, so I don’t get bored,” said Miss Universe Kosovo Camila Barraza.

    Miss Universe contestants shared some of their favorite workouts with us that you could definitely try if you’re looking to switch-up your fitness routine in 2017, including boxing, yoga and swimming!

    “I love attending box-fit classes or personal training sessions where I know that I am going to be pushed to my limits,” said Miss Universe Australia 2016 Caris Tiivel.

    Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2016 Rosalba Abreu likes does yoga and Miss Universe India 2016 Roshmitha Harimurthy enjoys swimming to stay in shape.

    Miss Universe Bulgaria 2016 Violina Ancheva also told us about the Bulgarian bag, saying, “The Bulgarian bag is a fitness tool that weights about 8 kg. It is used mostly to shape the waist. I use ‘Bulgarian bag’ a lot in my fitness program and I think it is very effective.”