Miss Teen USA 2013 - Host - Tami Farrell
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Tami Farrell


Television personality and actress Tami Farrell is best know for her accomplishments in pageantry. A pageant veteran, Tami won the prestigious title of MISS TEEN USA in 2003 and was also awarded the title of MISS CONGENIALITY by her peers.
In 2009, she was named the BEAUTY AMBASSADOR for the state of California and one month later was crowned MISS CALIFORNIA USA.

Her impressive pageant career has opened up opportunities with acting and hosting. Tami has made appearances on Comedy Centrals Secret Girlfriend, NBC’s Passions, the film Hero in Every Heart, and most recently the shorts Worst Day Ever, and Chasing Shadows, which she wrote, produced and starred in.

Currently, she is a host for the new show Inside Beautiful that launched in March and quickly became the top beauty show on iTunes. Recently, she hosted Celebrity Poker Live on CBS, co-hosted NBC’s pilot Anything for You, and she worked on FOX as a model for Million Dollar Money Drop.