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Maggie McGill

Age: 20

Hometown: Plymouth

Height: 5’ 6”


Maggie McGill is from Plymouth, Minnesota. She just graduated high school from Benilde St. Margaret's and will be attending St. Thomas University in the fall. Her dream is to someday be a dentist and carry on the legacy as a 4th generation to her family's practice, McGill Dentistry. She has been figure skating all of her life and arranged a group of figure skaters together and lobbied to get figured skating a lettering sport during high school. She has received a varsity letter ever since. She created a dress making mission where she creates dresses to send to Wide Horizon's Orphanage in southern India. She has successfully sent over 200 dresses with families traveling to adopt their children.

fun facts

  1. 1Maggie loves to go ziplining.
  2. 2She has won a varsity letter in figure skating.
  3. 3She has been sewing since she was little.
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