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Grayson Hodgkiss

Age: 18

Hometown: Downers Grove

Height: 5’ 6”


Grayson Hodgkiss is a junior at Downers Grove South High School she is a High Honor Student, a member of the State Championship Varsity Dance team and has had several solos in her school’s Choir Concerts. Her favorite hobbies include dance, singing, traveling, and volunteering.

Grayson describes herself as balanced, compassionate and intelligent.  Don’t be fooled! Even though she may appear to be quite a girly-girl, she is a daredevil at heart.  She has surfed, zip-lined, cave-dived, ice-trekked, and done a Gladiator School in Rome.  She hopes to add skydiving to the list one day. No matter where her adventures take her she is a leader and does not follow the crowd.  Grayson strives to be a positive role model to her peers and tries to always choose the hard right over the wrong.

One day Grayson hopes to graduate with a college degree in Mass Communications and have a career in Broadcasting or Film.

fun facts

  1. 1Grayson has been a Salvation Army Bell-ringer during Christmas for several years.
  2. 2Grayson enjoys participating in 5k races.
  3. 3Her favorite sport to play is backyard football with her brothers and dad.
Quate I always feel proud of myself when I try something new that may be a little outside my normal comfort zone. Quate