Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2012 - Jacqueline Cai
  • Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2012
  • Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2012
  • Miss New Mexico Teen USA 2012

New Mexico

Jacqueline Cai

Age: 21

Hometown: Las Cruces


Jacqueline Cai is a native of Las Cruces, New Mexico, where she is currently a senior at Mesilla Valley Christian Schools. Jacqueline has been on the honor roll throughout her entire high school career. In 2011, she received the National Leadership Award from the United States Achievement Academy for her outstanding involvement in her community. She currently works with the Salvation Army and serves as an ambassador to her local hospital's Healthy Woman Program.

At the age of three, Jacqueline began classical piano training. She has performed at numerous public piano recitals, including the National Piano Guild. She also won the talent award at Miss New Mexico's Outstanding Teen in 2011 for her piano skills. Today, she performs at various senior homes in her community and teaches piano lessons to blind children. Additionally, Jacqueline is a trained dancer. She is versed in ballet, tap and modern jazz. She also enjoys playing golf in her spare time.

Jacqueline would like to pursue a career in medicine and commit herself to providing health care to her community members. She was accepted into one of the University of New Mexico's highly competitive medical programs and plans to attend school there in the fall.

contestant facts

  1. 1Jacqueline was born in Shanghai, China.
  2. 2Jacqueline greatly admires Princess Diana for her class, beauty and charity work.
  3. 3Jacqueline is a self-professed "nerd," and she has several New Mexico ACSI District State Spelling Bee Champion trophies to prove it! However, she says she is finally beginning to embrace her glamorous side, too.
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