Miss South Dakota Teen USA 2009 - Fallyn Patterson
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South Dakota

Fallyn Patterson

  • Age: 24

    Hometown: Rapid City

  • Height:

    Birthday: June 25

Q: What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
A: My family and I took a trip to Minneapolis this past summer and we went to Valley Fair, an amusement park. There was this one ride that carried you up to the top of this really, really high tower and you were connected to a bungee swinging rope by your back. My dad, brother, and I decided to all go at once. We were strapped in and then they asked us which one of us wanted to pull the cord and my brother volunteered; I was way too scared to do it. We were pulled to the top, he pulled the cord and we fell straight down. It looked like we were going to hit the ground. I was so scared that I couldn't even scream. At the last second, it swung you up like you were flying. I now know what it feels like to fly like superman! It ended up being so much fun!

Q: Do you cook and/or bake anything? If so, what are your special dishes?
A: I love to make tiramisu! It is my favorite food and can never get enough of it. One time, I was at a hotel and they had a really nice brunch set up and they had plates full of tiramisu and that's all I for breakfast. It was the best breakfast I have ever had.

Q: If you were handed 10 million dollars, what would you splurge on?
A: I would for sure give it to my favorite charity, Made for Shade. That would allow Made for Shade to become a national and more widely spread organization. Made for Shade raises money to build shelters and playground equipment at schools to provide shade where children can safely play out of the sun. They go and teach children about the sun and how it can harm them and how sunscreen can help to prevent skin cancer.

Q: If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be and why?
A: I would like to meet Tiger Woods. I am a golfer on my high school varsity golf team. Tiger has always been a role model when it comes to my golf game. I would love to be able to play with him someday. I would want to ask him how he became involved in golf and when he first became interested in the sport.

Q: What is unique about you (something no other contestant can say about themselves)?
A: I recently got to compete in the largest game of Musical Chairs. A local radio station and furniture store co-sponsored the event in my hometown. There were over 200 people in the game and I made it to the final 15 :-).