Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2009 - Sarah Hollins
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Sarah Hollins

  • Age: 26

    Hometown: Omaha

  • Height:

    Birthday: June 24

Q: Do you cook and/or bake anything? If so, what are your special dishes?
A: I love to cook. I am a Food Network connoisseur. I would have to say my specialty dish would be my funfeatti cookies. I make them from a box of cake mix. They are so easy to make and everyone raves about them.

Q: If you were handed 10 million dollars, what would you splurge on?
A: My parents have been so supportive of me financially. I am lucky enough to not have to worry about paying for my college education. I would love to save some money to pay my own way through post graduate school and send my parents on a extremely luxurious vacation.

Q:If you could meet one celebrity, who would it be and why?
A: I would love to meet Heidi Klum. She's a mother, wife, business woman, model, and seems to have a go-get-em attitude about life. I admire the way she balances everything so elegantly.

Q: What is unique about you (something no other contestant can say about themselves)?
A: I do think that I'm a unique person. I have no off the wall crazy life story, but I like to think that I live very differently than a lot of kids my age. I live above the influence of alcohol and drugs. On an average Friday night you might find me spending time with my family, at my little brother's baseball game, at a movie, and probably getting to bed at a reasonable time! My pledge to not use alcohol and drugs doesn't mean that I judge those around me but rather I would hope that my attitude on these issues might inspire people to follow in my footsteps.