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Miss Universe Cordaid Fund


The Miss Universe Organization and Dutch development agency, Cordaid, have partnered to create a global fund that will raise awareness and money for regions of the Philippines struggling to recover in the wake of typhoon Yolanda. The two international organizations will call attention to the needs of projects that are essential for the country’s recovery long after the emergency relief period has ended.

“The Philippines is home to our biggest and most passionate fan base, which is so meaningful to the Miss Universe family,” explains Paula Shugart, president of the Miss Universe Organization. “The country was hit by Yolanda the night before our 2013 Miss Universe telecast and together with Cordaid, we will raise awareness and funds for long term recovery aid to build, and rebuild, flourishing communities,” adds Shugart.

Cordaid began its recovery response and operations immediately after Yolanda struck focusing on all phases of relief strategy with the protection and safety of women and children as a primary objective. A mission of the Miss Universe Organization is to empower women to serve as role models throughout their communities and across the globe. Reigning Miss Universe Gabriela Isler and former titleholders will join forces to “build back better” and become the change agents necessary to raise awareness for the project sites that the Miss Universe Cordaid fund will serve.

“A lot of emergency aid and recovery work has already been done,” Simone Filippini, CEO of Cordaid explains. “Thousands of tons of debris have been removed. Streets are swept clean. People are starting to rebuild their lives. But we acknowledge that “building back better” will not happen overnight. Cordaid will remain committed for the years to come to help and ensure that communities be rebuilt with an eye to self- reliance.” Cordaid is currently stationed in 36 developing countries working on more than 3,000 projects, ranging from urban housing to women’s health and children’s education. The Miss Universe Organization’s first trip with Cordaid to the Philippines was in conjunction with the 2014 MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES® Pageant.

To donate, please visit www.cordaid.org/missuniverse.