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Russian pop star EMIN has been exciting audiences at home and overseas with his music for almost a decade. From the smooth vocals of his first four CD’s, to the pop dance tracks of his latest effort, EMIN never fails to wow crowds and media alike. His career has seen him perform to world class audiences, including the 2012 FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup and the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest – Europe’s best known and largest singing competition – with a TV audience of over 200 million.

In November 2013, EMIN will showcase his music to one of the largest TV audiences in entertainment when he performs live during the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow to an estimated one billion viewers in more than 160 countries around the globe. He will debut, “In Another Life,” the new single from his upcoming CD, due for worldwide release early in 2014.

EMIN’s first studio album, Still, was released in 2006, selling 70,000 copies in Russia during the first six months of its release, and an additional 30,000 in CIS countries. Following the success of his debut effort, EMIN released an album a year for the next three years, including Incredible (2007), Obsession (2008) and Devotion (2009). Each was supported by live performances in Moscow and Baku.

EMIN has appeared on BBC Breakfast Time, CBS New York, Fox Good Day, Fuse TV and ITV’s Daybreak to name a few; and has been profiled in Esquire, The London Sunday Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC.co.uk, The Sun, The Independent, along with dozens of others. In 2012, EMIN performed Live From the Fishbowl Studio for Sirius XM Radio.