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Avionne Mark

Trinidad & Tobago

Hometown: Champ Fleurs

Age: 24


Avionne Mark was always a tomboy growing up, playing in the streets of her hometown of Champ Fleurs. She has a keen interest in youth development and tourism policy changes. Avionne’s hobbies range from hiking and going to the beach to writing poetry and makeup artistry. Her career ambition has always been to one day become a Tourism Ambassador, and now gets to serve that role as a result of winning her title.

In her own words

Quate The opportunity of representing my country on an international scale has always been a dream of mine...I am confident and unwavering that this is where I should be. Quate

fun facts

  1. 1

    The person who has had the most influence on Avionne’s life is her grandmother.

  2. 2

    After midnight, Avionne and her mother both walk into the room backwards out of superstition.

  3. 3

    Avionne has double jointed arms.